Professional Rockfall Stabilization

When you are in need of drilling or stabilizing any type of rock/soil conditions, you can rely on the safest rock stabilization company to manage the most extreme projects. Our efficiency and pricing are second to none. Below are just a few areas of expertise.

Rockfall Mitigation

Rock Supremacy is proficient in stabilizing soil and rock slopes. We are skilled in installing Geobrugg Tecco® pinned mesh systems, cable netting, ring netting and double twist wire mesh.

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Tunneling and Tunnel Rehabilitation

Rock Supremacy has an extensive background with tunnel projects. From active railroad tunnels to privately owned tunnels.

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Shotcrete application is useful for sealing canals, tunnel rehabilitation, and much more. Rock Supremacy provides both dry and wet application of shotcrete products.

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Rock Supremacy has extensive experience in drilling rock anchors, cable anchors, and drains in all types of environments.

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Landslide Remediation

We have years of experience solving landslide problems with a wide range of solutions such as soil nail walls, shotcrete, horizontal/vertical drainage, rockfall/debris flow barriers, geomembrane matting, and mesh systems to name a few.

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Slope Stabilization

Rock Supremacy is a one-stop-shop for your retaining walls from basic cantilevered contcrete to anchored soldier pile wall.

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