Terwilliger Plaza

The Details

The Challenge

The Terwilliger Plaza project involved the installation of 30,000sf of Tecco system for a private client in downtown Portland.  We also applied a shotcrete buttress that was over 80 cubic yards helping to secure the toe of the slope that had experienced a previous rockfall. Very tight access meant we had to pay extra attention to detail to avoid disturbing a large office building within 8 feet of the work site.

The Solution

We drilled over 14,000 linear feet of Tecco nails, and over 6000 linear feet weep drains.  We also installed two rockfall barrier fences, over 12 feet high.  We’re proud to say we finished this project 45 days ahead of schedule and more than $100,000 under budget.

Sq Ft of Pinned Tecco

Under Budget

Days Ahead of Schedule

Amazing Result


A Visual Glimpse Of The Project

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