Tunnel Rehabilitation

This 1905 tunnel had extensive damage throughout the concrete liner .  The tunnel was a hazard and needed to be rehabilitated for use in  Easton, Washington for the Washington State Parks and Recreation Department.  First order of business was to scale all the loose concrete liner.   Second, Rock Supremacy installed welded wire fabric throughout the tunnel before we applied shotcrete.  We installed tensioned rock bolks where severe spalling was occuring.  Rock Supremacy applied 4" thick shotcrete on the inside of each tunnel and portals.  All shotcrete surfaces were hand-troweled to provide a smooth finish.

Rock Supremacy, LLC is licensed in 5 states:

Oregon (CCB # 195655) - Montana (Lic # 163541) - Idaho (Lic # 012958-C-1)
California (Lic # 975625) - Washington (Lic # rockssl861bh) - Wyoming (Lic #)

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